Biden heads to Michigan to counter Trump’s economic recovery message

The former vice president is visiting Macomb County, a swing region that President Donald Trump won by 12 percentage points in 2016 — making him the first Republican to win the county since 1988.
Biden is scheduled to deliver a speech in Warren at 1:15 p.m. ET. It’s part of his campaign’s efforts to counter Trump’s rosy predictions of a rapid economic recovery once the coronavirus pandemic recedes and a vaccine becomes available.
Biden’s trip comes the day before Trump will visit Michigan for a rally in Freeland, just northwest of Saginaw. Wednesday marks Biden’s first visit to the state — part of the “blue wall” that also includes Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that Trump toppled against Hillary Clinton in 2016 — since March 9, where he held a rally in a Detroit high school gym on the eve of the state’s Democratic presidential primary. The next day, Biden halted in-person campaign events because of the pandemic.
“I believe this race is tightening up. We’ve seen polling to that effect, and I’m not surprised by it,” Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat and co-chair of Biden’s campaign who won Macomb County by four points in 2018 on the way to a 10-point win statewide, said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday.
Biden’s campaign on Wednesday unveiled a new proposed tax policy and package of executive actions that would be aimed at preventing companies from moving jobs overseas.  
He is proposing adding a 2.8 percentage point surtax on top of a 28% tax rate, for a total rate of 30.8%, on profits from American companies that produce goods overseas and then sell those goods back into the US market.
Meanwhile, he is proposing an advanceable 10% tax credit for “companies making investments that will create jobs for American workers,” a campaign document said.
Biden would also close corporate loopholes in the 2017 tax law Trump signed, and would create a “Made in America” office within the Office of Management and Budget to enforce “Buy American” policies, the campaign document detailing his plan said.